Press Release

Carlsbad, CA (January 1, 2010) - SUBSTANCE Incorporated, an innovator of unique digital printing materials, announces our new ULTRACURVE%reg; motocross vinyl, engineered to be the leading decal product for Motocross Bikes, All-Terrain Vehicles, Snowmobiles, Snowboards, Sports Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Panel Overlays, Durable Asset Tags, Snow Plows, Off-Highway Vehicles, and other rugged applications. Prior to its release, ULTRACURVE%reg; was only available to the country's largest volume graphic companies. Now you can use the exact same vinyl the world's best racers and athletes depend on.

ULTRACURVE%reg; 660LSE is a 6mil vinyl film, backed with 2mils of ulta-aggressive permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. ULTRACURVE%reg; 660LSE is highly conformable to complex curves. Its solvent-based acrylic adhesive provides an aggressive bond to Low Surface Energy Plastics, Powder Coated Surfaces, and Smooth Metals. Our glass-smooth 90lb liner provides a consistent base for thermal transfer printing, eliminating virtually all printing imperfections.

ULTRACURVE%reg; 1500 is a 15mil clear overlaminate film, backed with 2mils of solvent acrylic optically-clear pressure sensitive adhesive. ULTRACURVE%reg; 1500 is highly conformable to complex curves, featuring a highly polished mirror gloss finish, unmatched by any existing products. ULTRACURVE%reg; 1500 also contains UV Inhibitors, an industry first, preventing yellowing, and protecting the printed surface from degradation. The World's top motocross racers depend on the durability and conformability of ULTRACURVE%reg; 1500...there is simply no alternative!

Providing excellent printability, adhesion, and durability, ULTRACURVE%reg; Digital Media will be available for both Thermal Transfer and Inkjet printers in multiple widths and lengths. For more information, or to request samples, please visit or call 1-800-985-9485.