Press Release

Carlsbad, CA (July 25, 2010) - SUBSTANCE INCORPORATED, an innovator of unique digital printing materials, announces our new ULTRACURVE® 1000 Overlaminate. ULTRACURVE® 1000 was designed with a special cold weather formula that has the ability to resist cracking in extreme temperatures, making it not only suitable for motocross, but also skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles. ULTRACURVE® 1000 is the first crack-resistant product of its kind.

ULTRACURVE® 1000 is an 8mil clear overlaminate film, backed with 2mils of Ultrabond optically-clear pressure sensitive adhesive. ULTRACURVE® 1000 is highly conformable to complex curves, featuring a highly polished mirror gloss finish, unmatched by any existing products. ULTRACURVE® 1000 also contains UV Inhibitors, an industry first, preventing yellowing, and protecting the printed surface from degradation. To complete the world's best 10mil laminate, ULTRACURVE® 1000 resists cracking in extreme temperatures, down to -10 degrees fahrenheit.

Providing excellent gloss, flexibility, and durability, ULTRACURVE® 1000 Overlaminate will be available for both Thermal Transfer and Inkjet printers in multiple widths and lengths. We are now accepting pre-orders for September delivery. For more information, or to request samples, please visit or call 1-800-985-9485.